Terms & Conditions

We conform to the EU Consumer Law, which means that:

  • After you receive your purchase you have 14 days to withdraw , no questions asked.

  • In case you decide to withdraw from your purchase within the time limit all you have to do is inform us via email and send back the goods you received. All packaging/shipping expenses will be on you.

  • Your satisfaction is very important to us, so if you have any complaints about what you purchased please contact us and we'll try our best to sort them out.

  • Orders should be shipped within 2 weeks after purchase. We will reach to you i case of trouble.

  • Defective units can be sent to us for repair after arrangements are made via email. Repairs will take approximately 30 days after which we'll send the unit back to you.

  • For spare parts and damaged units please contact us via email.

If you need any clarification please ask us via email.

Once shipped, your Yeti should show up at your door in approximately a week.

You'll find all relevant addresses in the About section of this website.

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