Enter the Yeti

The Yeti is a MIDI controlled video player box that lets you easily expand your live show to include video clips synchronized to music. All it takes is a MIDI track on your favourite sequencer or a MIDI controller (see video).

Yeti maps MIDI notes to video clips and translates MIDI events into video transport commands (play, stop, pause, fast forward, restart). This makes it very easy to synchronize video output with your music without altering your usual workflow.

Multiple Yetis can be synchronized with music and/or with each other.

They can be assigned a MIDI channel each or share the same channel, in which case some MIDI events (fast forward and  restart for instance) will affect all of them at once, others (note on, note off) can be made private or shared.

The Yeti is built with the stage in mind: it's enclosed in a die cast aluminium box the size of a FX pedal, all ports are panel mounted  on the back of the device and will not fail on you when things get rough.

Organizing your video assets and loading them on the Yeti is very easy with the provided librarian software (Windows & macOS compatible). Once packaged using the librarian, videos are loaded in the Yeti using an USB pen drive. 

Sample scenarios

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